C O R P O R A T E     C U L T U R E

Shenzhen Weiweima Technology Co., Ltd, founded in 2014, is a young cross-border e- commerce company, with foreign trade B2C cross-border e-commerce operation as the  core, focusing on online marketing, brand construction and supply chain management.
Weiweima mainly relies on third-party e-commerce platforms such as amazon and  Alibaba, and focuses on sex toys products. We have complete marketing service system  from product development to overseas sales, and our products are exported to  European and American countries. Our brand has spread widely in foreign countries  and has considerable reputation. Our products are highly praised by foreign users.

As an emerging enterprise of global e-commerce industry "sex toys" category, with  the mission" make the world full of love and fun", we practice the core values of  "learning and sharing, striving for innovation, specializing and focusing, caring  for a win-win situation”to carefully build a supply chain open cloud platform,  deepen data mining, and strive to be the benchmark for global e-commerce sex toys  industry.